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Design and construction

Design and construction

Listen to the customer, to the requirements he makes and his desires and to tell him the solution to satisfy him: that’s the way a design by Pedrizzi Arredamenti

The designer takes such requirements and desires as one of the starting points for the design process, focusing on his design language that create his personal style, and giving in this way an answer, a solution. Considering the customer’s requirements we open ourselves to inspiration that has no boundaries. A guiding idea may come from a painting, an object, an image, a piece of music, a travel, a memory or the art cinema…here we enter into a “magic land” where it’s appropriate to think as much freely as we can.
That’s the design conceptual phase that allows an uniform and cohesive scheme to emerge. Afterward the second design phase follows. This allows us to shift the focus from the whole to its parts. In these phases the basic fundamentals of design are the guiding light. Nevertheless, even if we respect them, our target is to go intentionally beyond the limits, testing different harmonies and concepts. So we create spaces with distinctiveness.
citazione “Form and function should be one”
Frank Lloyd Wright

citazione“Neither painting nor sculpture (...) a
new aesthetic is forming: bright shapes
through spaces.”
Lucio Fontana – 1951
We can shortly divide our work in the following stages:
• Sales office;
• Formative meetings with the future customer for a preliminary design and quotation;
• As soon as the supply is arranged, we develop the customized working drawings that every time are different from customer to customer;
• Then we proceed with the actual production; through the various stages of manufacturing, the raw material (wood, steel, etc.) is turned into the finished product (custom furniture), that will be installed and assembled on site by our skilled craftsmen.

If you want to experience our designers’ talent, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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