How do you design a new bar furniture?

Many issues in every décor design have to be considered. But first of all, what do you mean with pizzeria furniture and what kind of space and product offer your premises? They could seem trivial questions, but it is from here that starts a new interior design or makeover of any place. Today the concept of pizza is constantly evolving. If in the past it was enough to distinguish between pizzeria décor or restaurant décor or to aim to a kind of customer or target to create premises, lately the concept of bar is melting in an innovative way with the store, the books corner, large lounges with music, the entertainment or small temporary art galleries.

Here’s why the patisserie or bar furniture, as well as restaurant décor, are more innovative and functional when they are custom-made, thanks to the meeting between the ideas and requirements of the customer and the ability to invent, to research and to create of our designers. Arredamenti Pedrizzi team works for a clear goal: to offer custom designs to comply with the functional and aesthetic requirements of a place, creating the more suitable space for a business and the idea of bars, coffee shops or patisserie that the customer has in mind.

Pedrizzi Arredamenti offers a range of solutions already
chosen by the most beautiful and popular patisserie.

1. We carefully listen to you to understand your dreams and your ideas
2. Our designers transform your ideas into a hand-drawn colour design of extraordinary effectiveness and realism.
3. Your idea becomes reality thanks to our working team with 30 years of experience

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Some of our references speak for us
Il Monastero
arredo bar Belli
Caffè Mokador
Bar Timiama
Just Cafè
arredamento Pasticceria del Corso
Pepe Carvajo
Some bars made by Arredamenti Pedrizzi:

• Il Monastero - Bologna
• Bar Belli - Ravenna
• Caffè Mokador - Faenza
• Bar Timiama - Lugo
• Just Cafè - Cervia
• KM-O - Forlì
• Pasticceria del Corso - Forlì
• Pepe Carvajo - Ravenna

Good reasons to contact us:
• 30 years of experience in manufacturing a variety of premises.
• 2 owners actively involved in the company’s life.
• 14 employees between workers and clerks.
• Our unique style that distinguishes the premises we created for the most demanding customers.
• On request "turnkey" formula including the related works management.
• Long-standing experience in the use of every kind of material (wood, steel, marble, stones and crystals)
• We are able to receive orders from abroad. In fact among our references we include customers in Luxembourg, Germany, Russia, Croatia and Algeria.
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